Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Does it seem that life just keeps getting more and more complicated? The last 10 years seem to have brought a whole new complexity to existence: the Internet, Blackberries, Asset-Backed Commercial Paper, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, work-life balance, HELOCs and NEG-AMs. While many of these products and concepts existed, it seems as though they are dominating our everyday lives like never before.

Parents don't have it easy. We have to raise kids and hold jobs, and heaven forbid we let one negatively affect the other. Then, there's pressure to save for our kids' educations, our own retirements, and in some cases, our parents' retirement homes. In addition, the financial crisis is causing hundreds of thousands of people their jobs, just as much of Generation Y is trying to cement a foothold in the workplace. With this much complexity, I find it therapeutic to get my thoughts out on paper, and if I put them in a blog and can help people with the same problems, all the better.

Many blogs talk about money, or kids, or work, or the economy, but I'm going to try to cover a bit of everything, and have a little fun doing it. Firstly, because all of these issues impact one another so they should be examined as parts to a larger puzzle, and secondly, I'm not really an expert on anything. I just spend time with my family, care about my job, read the paper, and muddle along as best I can.

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